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Coffee is a typical expression of the Italian culture. It is a ritual that is propagated from generation to generation and contains in a simple cup of the secrets of the art of taste. A simple drink but able to evoke many emotions and if taken in the right amount able to stimulate and invigorate the body if properly taken.


The organoleptic characteristics of this product vary considerably depending on the type of coffee, the methods of cultivation and preparation. Constant are the many benefits attributed to it and described hereafter:


1) It is a source of energy
The positive stimulating effects of coffee are definitely known.
Thanks to the action exerted on the body, this drink helps improve cognitive skills and memory. Scientific tests show that coffee reduces the feeling of fatigue in endurance sports. The reliability of this result is established by the fact that based on the existing anti-doping rules the sports authorities have entered the coffee among the prohibited substances by limiting the amount the athletes can take during the competitions.


2) Facilitates digestion and promotes weight loss
Coffee facilitates digestion thanks to the increase of gastric and bile secretion . It also reduces the number of the calories absorbed by the body by stimulating the use of fats.


3) It is an effective analgesic
Caffeine, the main best known component of coffee helps to relieving pain and is in fact contained in many medicines. Important medical studies show that coffee can be used with excellent results in the treatment of headache.


4) Prevents cell aging
As in the pharmaceutical, caffeine is also an active ingredient widely used in cosmetics for its draining and anti-edema properties.
Thanks to the high content of antioxidant coffee helps fighting free radicals and consequent skin aging. This property also helps prevent heart disease and can lower the risk of cancer.


To fully enjoy the benefits listed above, coffee consumption should not exceed 3-4 cups a day, depending on the physical characteristics of each individual consumer (constitution, age, physical condition, etc.).
Overdosing can cause risks, but not due to drink itself.


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